Have you been wondering what the new “Paid partnership with” feature works on Instagram influencers? Read more to learn what it means and how it works.

What Does “Paid Partnership With” Mean?

When you notice an influencer a post, and then you see “Paid Partnership with…” above the post in feed or story, it means that the person who shared it has a business relationship with the brand mentioned, and that they were compensated for the post in some way.

Instagram launched this feature June last year to mitigate the risks of creating sponsored posts. At its launch, it was only open to a small group of brands and influencers.

More users were added in September, and by November, the feature was made available to all Instagram accounts with included access to insights data.  

You might be wondering;

Why this feature, and why now?

The Paid Partnership with the feature is in line with the new measures taken by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the US to crack down businesses and influencers that violate its requirements.

When brands partner with influencers to advertise sponsored content campaigns, it gives them access to a vast number of potential customers. This is because Instagram users get to know and patronise products and services from the accounts they follow.

As a result, the FTC took on a more serious approach to violations of its Endorsement Guides.

Benefits of the New Paid Partnership with Feature

The paid partnership feature directly gives brands access to insights on an influencer and the engagement they are driving. With this function, brands can garner statistics and information on how their content campaigns are performing on Instagram.

This will allow them to make better and more insightful decisions on future Instagram influencer campaigns marketing. Plus, these stats also help them to know the influencers that are more effective for their products/services. Even more, they can estimate the ROI to expect from individual influencers.

For influencers, this function helps to build a more trusting and transparent relationship with their audience by disclosing that a post is sponsored.

The function is a two-way street in the sense that it also gives influencers access to data to help them make insightful decision on what businesses to engage with.

What’s more, it informs other brands that the influencer engages in paid partnerships, and this might lead to an increase in the number of sponsorship opportunities the influencer receives.

How Does It Work


When a post is tagged, Instagram users will see it in the post’s header [Paid Partnership with (business name)] in the place where the post’s location usually appears.

On Insta Stories, this feature appears at the top of the story directly below the name of the user. When a business is tagged using this paid partnership feature, they’ll be able to see the likes and comments of the post in their Facebook Page Insights.

However, when this function is used on Insta Stories, businesses are only given a 14-day window to see metrics such as replies, taps backward, taps forwards, and exits.

Businesses can also turn on the “Partner Approval” on their settings on. This gives them the ability to either approve or disapprove of tagged content posts before it goes public.

An easy and simple way to track your influencer campaigns for both brand and business influencer, so check it out today!

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