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The creative process can sometimes feel like navigating uncharted territory. With so many ideas to map out and endless opportunities for how they’re brought to life, some good direction is essential. Creating strong content is only as strong as its concept, especially for influencer campaign partnerships. What are you trying to say? Who are you talking to? What do you want your audience to get out of it? The answers to these questions become the very foundation of every influencer brief. Securing a partnership with a popular influencer or social media personality may appear to be the most difficult part, but it is merely the beginning. A solid influencer brief is required because more often than not, poor briefs are detrimental to meeting your campaign goals. You might be pressured to meet a deadline for running the influencer campaign, but if you want a higher ROI, you must ensure that your brief highlights your expectations from the get-go and at the same time provide inspiration so that influencers understand what's required of them.

How to find The Best TikTok Influencers [5 Proven Strategies For Your Brand]

Did you know 9 out of 10 TikTok users open the app multiple times a day? With a loyal audience regularly turning to TikTok, the value, reach and persuasive power of a TikTok influencer is obvious – but they’re not always easy to find. Here’s how you find Australia’s best TikTok influencers.

What should I pay for models, actors and influencers? An industry guide on rates

Some of the top questions we get asked include "What should I charge for Instagram influencers?" and for clients, "How much money should I pay a micro-influencer?" The questions come from seasoned professionals in the industry and newbies alike. It's no surprise that there are individuals on social media who are able to charge good money for pushing certain products and services. How much should you pay them? What's the going rate for featuring your product on the feed of a Facebook or Instagram influencer, for instance? We have put together some standard industry talent and influencer rate cards with guide rates to help you set your budget for your next project. We understand keeping clients’ budgets in mind and keeping the rates fair for talents always requires a delicate balance, so take your cue from this information we're freely sharing to get a better idea of how it works in the industry. Here is a guide to help you decide on most money matters -- what would be the best amount of compensation for the services of influencers and talents who can spell success for your influencer marketing campaigns.

OFFICIAL GUIDE: How to Find Australian Influencers [Fast & Free Discovery Tips]

From monitoring hashtags to searching influencer platforms, finding the right influencer can help you tap into engaged audiences and build your brand. As influencer marketing continues to grow, here’s how to find the best Australian influencers.

Tips to Stay on Budget When Hiring Talent

Goodbye to overspending. Hello to campaigns that stand out, without costing you an arm and a leg. Check out our four top tips to help you stay on budget when hiring talent.We understand the importance of staying on budget when executing your campaigns - now more than ever. So we’ve made it easy for you to set and stick to your budget, all without compromising on quality. Whether you’ve got a little to work with or a lot, the following four tips will ensure you’re finding the right talent at the right price.

How to Spot Fake Instagram Followers and Protect Your Brand [2022 Guide]

Given the ability of some influencers to command significant dollars for spruiking brands and products on their social media platforms, questions arise about their ability to not only reach but to engage consumers and convert those engagements to sales. This is where it becomes important for advertisers and agencies alike to conduct due diligence on the influencer and in particular, their followers. Social media platform algorithms aside, it is well established that in general, the higher the follower count, the higher the engagement. For aspiring influencers, the faster a high follower number can be reached, the greater the prospect of being engaged by advertisers willing to pay for the influencer’s services, either directly or via influencer platforms.

How to Hire an Actor: Tips, Tricks & Australia’s Best Actor Hiring Platforms

Today, many actors have also started dominating the digital world. People can now hire actors online to create content featured on social channels like YouTube or Instagram. If you're a business or a brand looking for an actor to make your products or services look good, it's now easier than ever. Hiring a professional actor can be daunting – you know that there are a lot of capable and trained actors out there, but finding the right actor for your campaign, role & budget was previously a manual and time-consuming task. Our guide below will help change all of that!

How Far out from a Campaign Should You Post Your Job?

Finding the perfect talent for your campaign used to be a time-consuming and lengthy process. But with 17,000 talent on, finding a creative partner has never been easier. Here’s how far out from a campaign you should post your job.

Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy: How to Make the Most of Your Campaign

So how exactly can you break the ice to make the most out of working with an influencer on Instagram? You need an effective strategy to put the right foot forward to make your partnerships with social media influencers on Instagram a successful one. Let’s dive in!

Photoshoot Preparation Checklist: How to Prepare for a Photoshoot

Knowing how to prepare for a photoshoot requires extensive planning and organising from start to finish. From creating a photoshoot brief to sourcing talent, the entire process can be exhausting and stressful, particularly when you don’t prepare ahead. At the same time, knowing exactly what you want, and putting it all together during the photo session can make a huge difference in any given photo shoot. To make your next shoot a success, we've developed a detailed guide complete with all the tips and tricks you need to achieve a successful 'shoot every time.

How to Build an Online Community: 9 Sure-Fire Ways To Create Online Engagement

With the increasing number of people and brands coming online every day, it’s more important than ever to be seen and heard by your community. No longer can your attention be on how often you post on Facebook and Instagram, instead the focus must be on your community and how you can build, grow and deepen those relationships. To cut through the noise, build deeper connections, and create a lasting impact, here are nine ways to help you build a thriving online community.

How to Rebook Talent You’ve Previously Worked With

We love it when great talent and great clients make magic together. We also believe lightning can strike twice, and that’s why we make it easy to rebook talent for your second, third, or twenty-sixth campaign.

13 Unmissable Ways to Get Your Brand Noticed Online

Awareness is your first step to turning new audiences into paying customers. Remember, people don't just walk into your store; they go there because they remember how much they enjoyed it last time or how much their friends recommended the experience. The same applies to your brand online. Great experiences online help drive repeat visits to your socials or online store, so if you want to increase sales, you need to boost branding first.

How to Use TikTok Influencers: TikTok Marketing Breakdown For Brands

TikTok is the newest trend in social media with over 1.5 billion downloads on Google Play and the App Store, and over 500 million active users. Now recognised as one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, marketing opportunities for TikTok influencers are aplenty. The platform has been used for a variety of purposes. Recently, it has become one of the most effective channels for digital marketers to reach their target audiences. So whether you are planning to use TikTok influencer marketing or just looking to grow your business in general, you can check out this introductory guide to get started on the right foot.

How to Write a Great Job Listing

With, finding the right talent is as simple as posting a job that outlines your vision and then waiting for applicants to get in touch. In order to attract the right applicants (rather than the most applicants), here are 5 steps to writing a great job listing.

Tips for Casting a Model or Actor

Looking to cast talent for your next project? Models and Actors provide high-quality content across video, stills, social media, ad campaigns, or TVCs. Discover how to cast the perfect Model or Actor with our five top tips. Hiring a Model or Actor brings quality and professionalism to any job, whether it’s the big screen, the small screen, or the smartphone screen. But casting a Model or Actor can be daunting. Where do you start? What should you look for? And how much should you pay? To help answer these questions, we’ve put together our 5 top tips to make the casting process stress-free. We’ll cover the most important steps to cast an Actor or Model who’s the right fit for your campaign - let’s get right into it.

How to Hire a Model For Your Brand: Model Hire Tips to Help You Avoid Disaster

If you’re creating content – whether that's video, stills, social media content, ad campaigns or a TV commercial, it's likely at some point you’ll need to get the services of a professional model. But hiring a model can be daunting – where do you start? What do you ask? And most importantly, what do you pay? It can be an expensive process if you don’t know what to do. You’ll need to narrow down your search to the right look and personality. You’ll need to find someone who is available for the required dates and location, and get them there on time. There are also legalities involved such as contracts, model releases, payment details, and travel requirements. Before we get into those – let’s take a look at what you need to know about hiring models for your brand.